Changes required process for client proofs in ClickUp

Understand the full workflow and each roles responsibility for when changes are requested by a client in Ziflow

When a client marks a proof Changes Required in Ziflow, this will change the status of the associated task in ClickUp to Changes Required, which is highlighted in red. An example of what this looks like in the list view can be found below:

When this occurs for client reviews, the task assignee will change to both the Content Specialist and Design Specialist. The only exception to this is if the Deliverable custom field is set to Social Post, in which case the Media Specialist will be assigned. 


Step 1A: The proof owner, which is almost always the Account Manager, must ensure each comment is responded to. We cannot go dark and not respond to clients. This will also give the Account Manager an opportunity to evaluate the requested changes. 

Step 1B: The Content Specialist is to review the requested changes for anything copy/content related. If anything additional is to be provided outside of the requested change, it is the responsibility of the Content Specialist to create these changes and provide them to the Design Specialist. Once everything has been reviewed and/or provided, they are to remove themselves from the task. If this is a social media post-task, the Media Specialist is the only assignee. 

Step 1A & 1B happen in tandem to ensure we do not create an additional waiting period. If there is a direct conflict with the client's requested change, it is the Account Manager or proof owner's responsibility to work with the team on what exact change will be made and the justification for why we are going a different path.

STEP 2: Submit for Internal Review

When the design or build changes are made by the Design Specialist, it is their responsibility to submit the task back into internal review and create the proof. No adding or removing of assignees is to occur, and this follows the normal process. 

If this is a social media post, the Media Specialist is responsible for this step as well.

Step 3: Submit for Client Review

When the internal review has been approved, the task assignee will automatically change to the Account Manager based on the team field. It is their responsibility to resubmit the proof to the client following the normal process. 


1) Do not create a new task for a change 

2) Do not add or remove task assignees outside of the Content Specialist removing themself in Step 1B.

3) Do not ignore client comments in Ziflow. These MUST be responded to by the proof owner.