Creating & Using Templates In ClickUp

Understand the different types of templates you can create, how to create them, and how to deploy them.


You can create and use a template for the following items in your Workspace through the Template Center:

  1. Spaces

  2. Folders

  3. Lists

  4. Tasks

  5. Docs


You can also create templates for:

  1. Statuses and

  2. Checklists

Status and Checklist templates aren't available through the Template Center. You'll find them directly on tasks when adding checklists, or when updating the Statuses for your List, Folder, or Space.

Note: Templates for Spaces, Folders and Lists will always include the tasks in those locations. If you'd prefer just templating a view instead of tasks, use view templates instead.

Import Options

When you create, update, or use a Folder or List template, you'll have the option to import everything or customize included items.

Screenshot of the Import options available when creating or using a template

Note: When updating an existing template, customizing the included items will overwrite the template.

Browse Templates

  1. Open the Template Center

  2. Select your Workspace on the left sidebar

  3. Select the Template types and levels you want to use

  4. Search and browse for the template you want to use

Screenshot of the Template center sidebar highlighting the Workspace library option

Find and Use a Template

  1. Create a new Space, Folder, List, task, Doc, or view

  2. Open the Template Center

  3. Choose to quick use to instantly apply a template

  4. Click on the template and select Use to customize how to apply the template

Screenshot of a Folder template, highlighting the Quick Use button

Create a New Template

  1. Add a new Space, Folder, List, task, Doc, or view

  2. Edit the settings and preference until they are perfect ✨

  3. Open the Template Center

  4. Select Save as Template

  5. Fill out the page to save your template and make it available!

Screenshot of the Save as new Template screen

Edit Templates

  1. First, create a new Folder, List, task, Doc, or view using the original template

  2. Make any edits you want to save for your template

  3. Select Template Center and Save as Template

  4. Select Update an existing template from the bottom right

  5. Find the name of the template you want to update and select Next

  6. Update the template name (or overwrite an existing one), Sharing settings, and Import options

  7. Select Save

Image of the Save as new Template page highlighting the Update an existing template button in the lower left corner

Delete a Template

Need to tidy up your templates? Consider deleting ones you no longer need.

Be careful! Once you delete a template, it's gone forever and can never be recovered.

  1. Open the Template center

  2. Select the template you wish to delete

  3. In the template preview, select Delete Template

Screenshot of the Template page, highlighting the delete template button

Share a Template

Templates can be kept private, shared with your team, specific people, or you can share them with the world using a private URL.

  1. Open the Template Center

  2. Search for and choose the template you want to share

  3. Click on Share on the top right

Screenshot of a template highlighting the option to Share the template

You can also set the sharing settings when you are using a template:

  1. Open the Template Center

  2. Search for and choose the template you want to share

  3. Click on Use Template

  4. Set your Sharing preferences