Creating a Proof: Common Issues & Troubleshooting

Learn how to troubleshoot common errors when creating a Ziflow proof


When creating a proof in ClickUp, there are two fields on the task record that will confirm if the proof was successfully created: 

internalProofID / clientProofID

Depending on the task status (Internal Review or Client Review), the associated proofID field tells you that an ID exists for your proof, therefore, it was created. 

Version # 

When the Version # field is 1 or higher, your proof was created. A blank Version # field or one that is 0 means a proof was not created. 

Proof ID & Version Field

Proof Error Dashboard

Check this dashboard to see if there was an error when creating your proof.

Proof Error Dashboard (ClickUp)

Common Errors When Creating a Proof

Below are the common errors that occur when creating a proof, either for internal or client review. If you have checked and your proof has not yet been sent after 60 seconds, please check each of the below common errors.

No Task Assignee

Ziflow Proofs are sent by email on behalf of the task owner where the proof create initiated. If there is no task assignee, then the proof will not have an email address to send from. 

Task Due Date is in the Past

The task due date acts as the proof due date. Logically, we cannot ask someone to take an action at a time that has already passed. 

No Hubspot Deal ID 

Client proofs are assigned to the Primary Approver for the project. The hsDealID field on the task record tells ClickUp which deal that specific task is related to, which is where the Primary Reviewer is set. Without this, ClickUp does not know where to find the primary approver. Note: This does not apply to internal reviews.

Contact is Not in Ziflow

A proof is assigned to a user ID, which must exist prior to creating a proof.  To check if this Is the issue, go to the Hubspot contact record of the primary approver and see if a Ziflow Contact ID exists. If it does not, simply select "Yes" on the Add to Ziflow located directly above. Note: This does not apply to internal reviews.


"Create Proof" is Selected Out of Sequence

The Review: Status field must be changed to "Create Proof" when the task status is in either Internal Review or Client Review. If you change this field prior to moving the task status to either of these stages, the proof will not be created.

The Create Proof option acts as a trigger, and the moment that value is selected - all of the properties on the task at that moment are used. As a result, any changes that occur after the field value change to Create Proof will not be used to create the proof.

"Primary Approver" is Not Set on Hubspot Deal

The Primary Approver field on the Hubspot Deal object must be the email address of the primary approver. This is how we know 'who' the proof goes to, especially when a company or deal can have many associated contacts. This  is a common error when it is our first project with a client, as it is auto-populated for future deals.